What We Do

Hometown marketing is dedicated to working with local businesses to provide marketing solutions that will help them win, keep and grow their business and be successful. Our mission is to give small businesses the edge to compete in today’s digital marketplace. We’re here to give you the solutions you need to connect with customers, wherever they may be.

Hometown Marketing offers web site design, SEO services and online ordering for local businesses. 

There was a time when you put an ad in the yellow pages or in a local newspaper and your advertising was done. Sorry to tell you, but that time is over. Google and search engines rule the world now. Do you know how customers will find you? They will ask Google on their phone. If your business doesn't come up then your business doesn't exist.

Google ranks your web site on several criteria... Is your site mobile friendly? Do you have the right keywords? Are you in all of the online directories? and much more.

Your job is to run your business... make the pizzas, fix the cars, pour the drinks, etc. You don't know how to make a web site, or one that works for that matter. Well, we can't make pizza, fix your car or make a proper drink but we can make you an awesome web site for a really affordable price and drive traffic to your business utilizing SEO techniques.


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