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Restaurant Online Ordering System For Any Size Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, it’s your job to find ways to make your restaurant more profitable. Today’s technology has created ways to help you run your business in such a way to almost guarantee profitability.

You use tools like social media to bring in new clients in a much more cost effective manner than marketing methods of the past.

POS systems save you time and money. H.I.M offers a system to make sure that your current customers can easily place orders with you, and shows new potential customers that you are keeping an eye on their needs.


Seamless Website Integration

Here’s the deal. Customers aren’t always looking at your business during traditional business hours. Busy families are planning meals hours ahead of time as they juggle busy extra-curricular schedules and long work hours.

They may need to order dinner during that slump in their workday, instead of waiting until close to dinner time, when they’ll be busy cheering for their child on the soccer field.

A customer planning an event that needs catering may be checking out your prices after closing on a Friday evening.

Imagine being able to offer these customers the convenience of ordering on their schedule, instead of yours.

The customer doesn’t need to pick up the phone at just the right time, and in today’s busy world, that’s important.

And when your restaurant is slammed, a busy signal or long hold time is never going to get in the way of another order.

For repeat customers, the benefits are even greater. Imagine the ease of being able to order your favorites with just a few clicks!

For a busy dad who is trying to get dinner on the table after a long day at work, convenience like that earns even more repeat business.

And if they’re in the mood for something different, they have your entire menu online, viewable from any of their devices.

Dinner plans can be made on the fly, even at breakfast that morning, because they can place their order at any time.


Immediate Payment

Your restaurant has the benefit of having immediate payment. Some online ordering systems will hold your payments for weeks, forcing you to cover back of the house costs during that important beginning period.

That can be rough for a business operating with a slim profit margin or which has invested heavily and needs to see a return on that investment. We don’t keep you waiting.

Ultimately, our online ordering system is designed to streamline your business; making it more convenient for customers to place orders so that they order more often.

We’re all about making things easier for the customer.

They appreciate that you’ve made the effort to implement a system that’s beneficial to you, and that will impact your bottom line!

To make things easier for you, you’ll receive a fax or an email anytime someone orders through your website.

Our website integration works well with websites developed in a variety of programming languages and is easy to integrate into your existing website. That is the H.I.M advantage!


Repeat Customers

Repeat customers will have additional benefits by way of being able to repeat past orders in as little as three clicks.

Additionally, customers can see your entire menu online at any time.

Even if they aren’t planning on placing an immediate order, they can still see everything that your restaurant has to offer – including any modifiers that may be available.

The Interactive system is client-focused, which means that its goal is to ultimately streamline your business in the most effective way possible.

Whenever the website takes a new order you will immediately receive not only a fax or email of the order but a follow up phone call from one of our agents.